Vosfox Welcomes BioSapien as our Customer

Exciting news: Vosfox Medical partners with Biosapien, introducing MediChip, a 3D-printed drug-delivery mesh for cancer treatment.

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We are very happy to welcome BioSapien as a new customer. Vosfox Medical already have (potential) customers in Europe, but now we are proud to share that we are starting a new project with BioSapien.

BioSapien is a US customer from California (Vista, just north of San Diego). They developed a 3D printed biodegradable mesh that delivers drugs in a localized sustained manner for cancer indications.

Doing it this way will reduce the systemic side effects compared to standard treatment. The product is called MediChip.

Having overseas customers means working at 05.00 am, during the weekends and evenings. Nine hours of time differences is sometimes a challenge. But the energy that is beaming off the CEO of BioSapien, Khatija Ali, and her team, is contagious.

Vosfox Medical will support this exciting project by further developing the production process, using 3D printers, designing and testing the packaging, performing the sterilization and packaging validation and producing the MediChips for clinical evaluations. 

Bioprinting is a form of medical 3D printing or medical additive manufacturing. It is an extrusion technology working with syringes. The syringes can be filled with polymers, gels, or solutions. At the end of the syringe is a nozzle and the material is pressed out of the syringe with air pressure.