Introducing MediChip™

Targeted Treatment: Relieve Cancer, Not Your Body

You deserve to fight cancer without sacrificing your well-being, that’s why BioSapien developed MediChip™. This revolutionary platform is applied to a tumor directly during surgery or through a minimally invasive procedure like laparoscopic or out-patient. It delivers the same chemotherapy you get in your bloodstream but minimizes the debilitating side effects. With MediChip you can keep your hair, your health, and get treatment for cancer while on-the-go.

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The Problem

Inefficient Cancer Fight

Traditional chemo fights cancer aggressively, but at a cost to your well-being. Powerful drugs flood your whole body to target cancer cells anywhere, often leading to harsh side effects that diminish your quality of life.

Unwanted Side Effects

Chemo's fight against cancer harms healthy tissues too. Patients suffer nausea, fatigue, hair loss, infections - a heavy toll on well-being.

Life-Altering Regiment

Brutal chemo schedule: 2 long sessions (5-6 hours) per week for 6-8 weeks disrupts life and takes a physical & emotional toll.

Limited Options for Doctors

Uneven cancer growth can make surgery a risky proposition. This limits the tools doctors have available to fight your specific cancer.

The solution - MediChip™

Fight Cancer, Live Fully

MediChip™ is a local treatment option that can be directly attached to any tissue. It’s a tiny patch delivering targeted drugs directly to tumors. Works with any drug combo (up to 5) to shrink tumors, ease symptoms, aid surgery, & empower patients to live better.

Reduced Treatment Disruption

By delivering medication directly to the tumor, MediChip™ minimizes side effects often associated with systemic chemo.

Improved Quality of Life

With fewer side effects, you can experience a significant improvement in your overall well-being during treatment.

More Options for Doctors

MediChip™ can shrink tumors, potentially making surgery a viable option for more patients.


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