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From Science to Humanity, The BioSapien Story

BioSapien, founded in 2018, pioneers minimally invasive drug delivery platforms. Our signature MediChip™ technology utilizes 3D printing to deliver targeted chemotherapy directly to a tumor site, minimizing the side effects of care. This biodegradable innovation offers sustained medication release for a variety of cancers and potentially other conditions.


BioSapien is dedicated to advancing human well-being through innovative solutions. we aim to treat 1 million patients by 2035, prioritizing patient well-being and reducing healthcare costs.


To be the leader in biocompatible, minimally invasive cancer treatment, improving patient lives and transforming the healthcare landscape.


BioSapien's Inspiring Journey

Founded in 2018

Developed MediChip™, a revolutionary 3D-printed drug delivery chip designed for localized and sustained treatment of cancer. MediChip aims to reduce systemic side effects often associated with traditional cancer treatments.

Pre-Seed Funding (2019)

Secured $250,000 in pre-seed funding in 2019. Funding came from a combination of: supportive friends and family and RebelBio/IndieBio, organizations known for fostering early-stage life science ventures.

Funding Growth and Milestones (2021)

Achieved significant funding milestones by 2021, raising a total of $1.8 million led by SOSV, and Hikma. Secured a $256,000 grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) Phase I program in 2021.

Regulatory Approval and Market Access (2022)

Secured a crucial regulatory win in late 2022 with the FDA confirming the 505(B)2 pathway for MediChip. The 505(B)2 pathway allows for an expedited approval process for drugs with similar mechanisms of action to already-approved medications.

Recent Developments (2023-24)

Global patent issuance for MediChip platform (2023). Accepted into HUB71 Cohort 13 (2023)
Total funding raised: $3 million (as of 2024).

Founder's Story

From Inspiration to Innovation

My journey to revolutionize cancer treatment began with a simple question: shouldn’t fighting cancer be about regaining control, not losing it?


At BioSapien, we’re driven by the desire to empower patients to experience a better kind of fight. That’s why we developed MediChip™, a groundbreaking 3D-printed biochip that delivers targeted chemotherapy directly to tumors.


I’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating impact traditional treatments can have. The fatigue, nausea, and hair loss can steal your strength and spirit when you need them most. MediChip™ was born from a deep commitment to offering a smarter, more targeted alternative.


Our team is a passionate group of scientists, engineers, and healthcare professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of cancer treatment. We believe in the power of innovation to transform lives, and MediChip™ is just the beginning.

Khatija Ali MD

100+ Years of Combined Experience

Leveraging over a century of combined experience, our team hails from diverse backgrounds including academia, medicine, and engineering.


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