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Current systemic chemotherapy is unable to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells, subjecting the entire body to its deleterious effects. These include symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue, hair loss, and increased risk of infections. MediChip™ delivers chemotherapy directly to where it is needed. Beyond reducing patient burden, MediChip™ aims to decrease patient non-compliance caused by the serious side effect profile of systemic chemotherapy.


The Localized Solution

Cancer is a terrifying diagnosis and the treatment, far worse. Systemic intravenous (IV) chemotherapy is unable to discriminate between healthy and tumorous cells, thus indiscriminately destroying both of them.
The most common side effect for patients include nausea/vomiting due to damage to GI cells, hair loss due to hair follicle death, myelosuppression (decreased immunity) leading to a poor quality of life.

Targeted Delivery for Customized Cancer Care

MediChip™️ is a delivery platform designed to deliver drugs directly onto a local site, with an initial indication for treating locally advanced unresectable tumor(s). 

The Market

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Spent on Cancer Care in America in 2020
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Expected to be spent on Cancer Care in America by 2030
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Cost of Colorectal Cancer Care in America in 2020

Biosapien Solution


MediChip™️ is indicated for use as a treatment to prevent major life-altering surgeries in patients with recurrent locally advanced malignancies. The goal is to deliver an active pharmaceutical ingredient directly to the site of the tumor while minimizing dose-limiting systemic toxicity.

BioSapien™️’s technology offers a joint solution to the problems of surgery and chemotherapy and can be delivered in parallel with standard of care.