Khatija Ali is the CEO & Founder of BioSapien

Khatija Ali, CEO of BioSapien, innovates patient care with MediChip®. NSF grant recipient & fundraiser, passionate educator, and philanthropist.

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Khatija Ali is the CEO & founder of BioSapien. BioSapien focuses on developing innovative therapies to transform patient care. Khatija is the inventor of the MediChip®. The patented technology was granted a $256,000 NSF non-dilutive grant for further development.

In addition, she has successfully raised capital totaling $2.5M for MediChip. Khatija is passionate about science and has the ability to translate complex medical and scientific information into high-performance deliverables.

Skilled with medicine and powered by the logic of philosophy, she aims to provide patients with new and innovative products.

Khatija has a deep love for medical education, which is evident through her 4+ years as a medical educator (hybrid), where she has mentored and guided 10+ medical graduates into successful residencies.

In addition, Khatija has 2+ years of experience in building and launching companies at HB. Khatija has over 15+ years of professional experience holding various titles.

With a deep love for research, she has numerous peer-reviewed publications in the Journal of Vascular Surgery, Annals of Vascular Surgery, Annals of Oncology Surgery, and the Canadian Journal of Surgery.

Since the inception of BioSapien, she has won multiple awards, including Top 25 CEOs in Biotech from TechCEOs, Rising Star CEO at Boston LifeSci, and multiple pitch competitions worldwide, including Get in the Ring.

Khatija is also involved in non-profit work involving building water pumps in South Asia and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity in NYC to build homes globally. She has been involved in multiple builds around the world. Her recent build was in El Salvador.

In addition, Khatija sits on multiple non-profit boards, including Muslims Against Hunger, HAF, and Habitat for Humanity YP.